Frequently Asked Questions


What is Merrimack Valley Venture Forum (MVVF)?

MVVF is a non-profit business association for entrepreneurs, early- to mid-stage, and mature, operating companies, professional service providers, academia and investors to meet to facilitate business growth in technology sectors, including but not limited to, industrial, medical, information technology and telecom, that are located in the Merrimack Valley Region.

MVVF is committed to assisting emerging technology companies connect with established industry leaders and mid-stage companies to obtain the professional and business guidance to succeed. MVVF also provides technology briefings as a part of each event. Presentations are made by industry experts and professors from local universities and colleges on new, hot technology areas.

How did MVVF get started?

MVVF was founded to fill a long-standing need to bring together businesses, professionals, academics and service providers involved in industrial, commercial, and consumer markets in the Merrimack Valley area. MVVF provides an excellent venue for larger corporations to meet emerging, forward-looking technology companies that could complement their objectives. MVVF covers the fastest growing area of emerging technology, entrepreneurship and new business initiatives in the United States. New technologies businesses and intellectual property are created, and licensed to the corporate sector, and from academic institutions, such as the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, every day.

Who Comprises the MVVF?

MVVF includes business, industry experts and services providers representing organizations involved in venture funding, consulting, engineering, marketing and other professions. The Forum will accomplish its objective by providing topical educational seminars and networking events focused on a broad range of important topics pertaining to business and technology.

Do you have to be an MVVF Member to attend an event?

You do not need to be a member to attend an event. There is a discounted rate of admission for MVVF members but all programs are open to the public.

Please contact MVVF Executive Director Maura McDonough, 978.251.8278


or write to her at Maura McDonough, MVVF 600 West Cummings Park, Suite 4400

Woburn, MA 01801